Diane played a key role in getting LegalZoom’s journalism effort up on its feet. She’s a skilled writer and reporter who turns in clean copy on deadline, and she is a delight to work with as a person. Her writing and interviewing skills, paired with her business background, make her an incredible addition to any team. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future.

Wayne Niemi
Content Director at Finance of America Reverse LLC

Diane is incredibly talented, flexible, and very good at meeting clients’ strategic needs. She has provided invaluable support to our agency and clients. It’s rare to find someone as good as Diane, and I consider us lucky to be able to work with her!

Catherine Adcock
4th Dimension Agency President

Diane has been an asset to the LegalZoom team. Her work always maintains the delicate balancing act of being informative, accessible and entertaining. No easy feat when you’re deconstructing complex legal topics. No matter what your writing needs are, you can count on Diane to deliver a compelling and well developed story. 

Sameerah Blue
SEO Coordinator, LegalZoom

Diane is a true pleasure to work with! She is truly an expert in the financial and HR space and has written top tier articles for a few of our clients including Santander and Voya. On top of creating great work, she has always submitted drafts and revisions on time which is critical for our team and our clients. I would highly recommend working with Diane!

Debbie Anthony
Content Strategist, studioID

I can always count on Diane for in-depth, well-thought-out articles. She understands her topics and the needs of my publication and always goes out of her way to add her own insights and experience to the piece. She’s a smart writer who’s easy to work with and communicative. 

Kate Mayfield
Senior Editor at LegalZoom

“Diane is one of my favorite writers to work with. In my time editing her articles, she has been a true team player, taking on quick-turnaround assignments without missing a deadline and delivering top-quality pieces on a wide range of business and HR topics. She has both deep industry knowledge and the ability to convey it to the audience at hand with clarity and credibility. Above all, though, I value the care Diane always brings to her work, from turning in ready-to-go content to proactively ask questions and identifying opportunities for our team to excel—like sending over the schedule of a conference she was attending to ask what panels we might want her not to miss. She always takes pains to do her best, letting her editors rest assured.” 

Eric McDowell
Writer/Editor/Associate Editor at Skyword, Inc.

Our industry and target audience are a part of a niche, lesser-known market, often presenting a learning curve for writers. Diane has been the exception to that rule. With very little guidance, she crafted engaging, informative blog content for our site that is not only on-brand and professional but also SEO optimized. Her work is thoroughly researched, focused on cultivating thought leadership, and timely. It has been a pleasure working with Diane.

Jessica V.
Editor, Pinnacol Assurance

Diane is reliable, professional and easy to work with! She is a seasoned writer who has the skill to connect with a variety of audiences. Overall, Diane is a great asset to our team. 

Juliet Goswell
Content Network Manager, studioID | IndustryDive

We consider ourselves lucky to work with Diane — she takes complex subjects and turns them into easily understandable concepts for readers. She thinks in the big picture and is able to give us exactly what we’re looking for. 

Catherine Adcock
Digital Strategist, Atwell Design

I recently worked with Diane on a quick turn project and her dedication and attention to detail were paramount to the success of the work. Diane is responsive, collaborative, and is easy to work with when client feedback is a bit out of left field. Diane rocks! 

Evan Grossjan
Content Strategist, studioID

Diane is a versatile and reliable writer. She’s well-versed in HR topics (including the tricky stuff). I can always rely on her to turn in a top-notch piece, even under a tight deadline. Diane’s communicative and invested in her work. She’s an excellent addition to any project and I highly recommend her. 

Meagan Maguire
Senior Editorial Manager at Skyword, Inc.

Diane is very professional and thorough with her approach. She did a wonderful job interviewing our team and helping to craft a compelling founder’s narrative for our company. A top-notch journalist and writer who we enjoyed working alongside.

Andrae Washington
Founder and President, BingeBuilderX

I met Diane through Women Business Owners in Jacksonville, FL, and think very highly of her. She is an organized and dedicated business professional, able to communicate her ideas and interact with peers in a light-hearted, easy-going manner. Diane knows the publishing industry and has perfected the art of writing. She is generous and willing to share her knowledge. I recommend her without hesitation.

Debi Lander
Owner, Healthwise Fitness

Diane and I have traveled together with Geiger and Associates Public Relations, worked on tabletop books together, and then some. Diane has superb editing skills, she is an experienced writer and does her homework well prepping for assignments, and knows and understands the importance of due diligence. I couldn’t say enough about Diane. 

a n n e Goldbauer
Humanitarian Photographer/Photojournalist, Perspective Photography

For as long as I’ve known Diane, she has been professional, pleasant and fun to be around. She’s able to balance numerous projects simultaneously, giving her best to each one. Creative and enthusiastic are just a couple of adjectives I’d use to describe Diane.

J. Eric Eckard

Diane is the absolute best organizational professional to help get you on track and help you understand the steps to get ready for any project/work through one. Diane’s patient manner and defining of planning and procedures have truly inspired me through difficult challenges! Highly recommend her and know others who have used her as a ghostwriter that say she’s amazing as well! Grateful!! 

Camille Clement Gregg
CEO, Chief Excitement Officer, Outside the Box Consulting, LLC

Diane gave a very interesting presentation at the Women Business Owner’s meeting some time ago and it was very informative. She was encouraging other business owners to consider writing about their business as a way to help its growth. She gave extremely helpful tips and it was well-received by all participants. Diane seems to love what she does and her passion for the art of writing is obvious with her aggressive work schedule and successful projects!

Kathryn Murphy
Owner, Comfort Keepers

Diane is a true professional who is detailed oriented. She knew her subject very well when she spoke to a group of women business owners several years ago. She did her homework and listened to her audience. She later wrote an article in which I was the main focus. She covered the topic well and got the details right. I would recommend her with complete confidence. 

Patsy Underwood
Owner, Atlantic Laser Office Products

From her excellent command of the language to her riveting radio voice, Diane demonstrates a standard of excellence few of her peers can even approach. I would attach to her the highest marks, not because I’d give them to her but because she’s earned them. I would endorse her wholeheartedly for any endeavor she would choose to undertake.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative 

David Moe
CEO, Home & Hope Ministries

Diane and I worked together in many capacities that ranged from radio hosting for Radio Reading Service at WJCT to photographing, capturing stories, and composing tabletop books. Diane is the most multi-talented individual I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has written many articles in magazines as well as blogs. Her attention to detail when performing assignments is but one of many of her strengths. Her platform is never boring, always filled with interesting bits of educational information, and certainly entertaining.

An Goldbauer
Humanitarian Photographer/Photojournalist

Diane is a very detail-oriented professional who is dedicated to her craft and profession… 

Amanda Malcolm
Vice President Marketing, Coastline Federal Credit Union

“Diane is an excellent instructor/coach. She is dedicated, approachable, and very knowledgeable. Working with her is a joy and a gift.” 

Carol Lindsay
Editor/Owner, Coffeehouse for

You made the process easy!

Kay Holmes
MD, ObGyn