Content Marketing Strategist

It’s not easy to translate HR, insurance, finance, and technology concepts into easily readable content. Believe me, I know. I’ve been a business writer and technical writer in these areas for 20 years.

It’s easy to write like you think. With complex ideas and 5-dollar words, though, you can come off sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher (wah-wah wa-wa-wah-wah).

In academic settings or in the office amongst your own, that works great. But in content marketing, it’s deadly.

Are you an HR, payroll, insurance, finance or technology company that markets B2B?

Does your marketing content generate more blank stares than conversions? Or worse, no response at all? Maybe it’s time for some help.

Poor writing drives me crazy, especially when I know it could easily be so much better. Complex writing, for me, is a challenge because I know I can make it simpler, clearer, and easier to understand.

Are you an agency with HR, leadership, insurance, finance or technology clients?

About a third of my clients are content marketing agencies. It’s a challenge for agencies to find experienced writers or editors who know these complex topics. If you need an experienced freelance writer or editor to tackle these specialty areas, I can help.

Ready to put your ideas into print?

Check out my work samples and testimonials. I think you’ll like what you see.