There are really three criteria for choosing a ghostwriter:

  • Does the project fit the ghostwriter?
    • I am a business book writer who specializes in thought leadership. Business people who want to establish themselves as thought leaders are my clients. Thought leaders who have a story to tell, not a product or service to sell, are my clients. While I can write sales paraphernalia and family histories and period novels, I simply don’t contract myself out to do so. So, if that’s what you need, I’m not your ghostwriter.
  • Does the ghostwriter fit the budget?
    • Having a book ghostwritten is an investment, not only in the book itself but in your business future. The payoff is in credibility, speaking engagements, lead generation and sales, not just book sales. Not every author can afford a professional ghostwriter but could do with an author coach. I do what I can to tailor my services to meet my authors’ needs and budgets so their dreams of authoring a book can come to fruition.
  • Does the ghostwriter fit the author?
    • The ghostwriter-author relationship is critical in the creation of a book. We are going to spend nearly a year, if not a year, working together, so we need to like each other and respect each other as professionals in our respective roles. If there isn’t an instant rapport on both parts, the book project may not succeed, as the quality of the relationship will be reflected in the quality of the prose. I like to succeed and so do you if you’re reading this.

How do we determine if we’re a fit for each other?

If we’re in close proximity, we meet for coffee and chat. If not, we have a phone conversation or Zoom call. We talk about your book, what you want from your book, and yes, your budget. If we seem to click and your project is within my wheelhouse and we can work out a budget and payment plan, we’re a fit and the project is a go.

Do you have to pay for the entire project up-front?

If you can pay for the project up-front, I give a discount. If not, you pay 25 percent up-front and we set up a payment plan. Once the final payment is made in full, I transfer the copyright and forward all research and other material to you, the author.

Ready to put your ideas into print?